Though it feels like he’s been around forever Tim Tebow still hasn’t spent four years in the NFL. Which means that he will be exposed to the waivers system after being cut by the Patriots.

Which means that any team can make a claim for his contract.

His contract is favorable. For 2013 he gets the minimum for a player with three years of experience: $630000. Next year he’s due to receive the minimum again at $730000. Plus a whopping $25000 workout bonus.

So who would want a guy who was available for more than a month in free agency?

How about the Bills.

Buffalo currently has two quarterbacks on the roster. Both are rookies. One of them is injured. The other wasn’t drafted.

Then there’s the fact that the Bills host in seven days the team with which Tebow has spent all of training camp and the preseason. Despite his erratic skills he’s in position to help the Bills prepare for the Pats on both sides of the ball.