Contrary to a report Bills safety Jairus Byrd has not requested a trade but according to a source close to the situation he would welcome a change of scenery at this point as he plays out the 2013 season on the franchise tag. Sources said the Bills sought further clarity from the NFL about his status inquiring as to whether if he were traded if a new team could possibly alter his contract.

The word back from the NFL Management Council was as expected. As a franchise player no changes to Byrd's contract could be made by any team after the July 15 deadline to extend the contract of a franchise player. So given that any team that acquired Byrd would essentially be only renting him for the season with Byrd eligible for unrestricted free agency unless he was franchised again (at a 20 percent raise) trade talks haven't really gotten off the ground.

Teams will not part with what Byrd -- a playmaking safety just entering his prime -- is worth given the uncertainty about his future with their club. Byrd is currently dealing with foot injuries and will not face New England in the season opener Sunday. It's only logical to wonder if he had contract security beyond this season if he might be more willing to extend himself medically to play.