As most Buffalo Bills fans know Nigel Bradham just recently got pulled over at 2 a.m. and was charged with possession of marijuana. The charge seemed to outrage some people such as BLD’s own John Starba who felt that this situation calls for at least a team suspension even if the league scoffs at it.

Anyone that has ever smoked marijuana knows that it does not instantly turn you into a blood thirsty criminal who must seek a rape victim. Marijuana is a natural and relaxing herb with minimal side effects compared to the prescription drugs aimed at the same results. It is also not a performance enhancing drug unless of course you count being ‘happy’ performance enhancing.

Nigel Bradham got pulled over for an illegal tint violation which in my opinion is harmful to absolutely nobody. The fact that you can get pulled over for your windows being too dark is just like being pulled over for your skin being too dark. Then to be put through the legal system for taking a naturally forming medication that pacifies its user? It is complete madness.