Under Bill Belichick’s watch, the Patriots haven’t exactly steered away from bringing in players with red flags. They’ve taken a chance on players with various amounts of baggage, believing they’d toe the line and contribute in a positive fashion.
Here’s a look at some of the more prominent members of the Red Flag Club, and how it’s turned out:
TE Aaron Hernandez

Time with organization: 2010-12
Red flags: Open with teams at NFL combine about his drug use in college. Failed at least one drug test for marijuana, although it’s been reported he failed multiple tests there. Ties to gang activity also known by NFL teams considering him in the draft, according to reports.
Outcome: A Pro Bowl player and significant member of the offense became a worst-case scenario. Faces a murder charge as prosecutors have accused him of “orchestrating the execution” of a 27-year-old Dorchester man. Released by team.

RB Corey Dillon
Time with organization: 2004-06
Red flags: While in Cincinnati, had series of off-field incidents, including a domestic violence arrest. Said to be a selfish player and bad locker room guy. Before his NFL career, was convicted twice for assaulting women, and as a juvenile was linked to drug dealing.
Outcome: Ran for a club-record 1,695 yards in his first season and was a vital part of team’s Super Bowl win against Eagles. After that, turned surly and sour, becoming poor locker room presence. The Pats let him go. Now he’s out of football and has had multiple arrests.

WR Randy Moss
Time with organization: 2007-10
Red flags: As a teen, did jail time for misdemeanor battery. After violating probation (marijuana), kicked off Florida State team. Had racked up $100,000 in NFL fines for various acts, including pretending to moon crowd. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor traffic violation stemming from incident in which he allegedly struck traffic control officer. Work ethic questioned.