The passing numbers for Tim Tebow from Friday night’s preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t look good. Neither did his performance.

In the Patriots’ 25-21 win Tebow finished 1-of-7 passing for minus-1 yard and an interception. He didn’t make good decisions or pass accurately when he decided to throw.
However none of the plays he ran came out of the option package in which he thrives. And despite his poor decisions in the passing game he was able to make a few plays with his feet rushing for 30 yards on six carries.

So while Tebow’s numbers hardly jumped off the page coach Bill Belichick yesterday referenced a more balanced evaluation.
“Well I think the passing game is still the passing game but all players have different skill sets and some guys do some things better than others” Belichick said. “So I look at the total package what they’re able to do in all areas of the game.”
Belichick pointed to the trend of mobile quarterbacks having success in non-traditional ways as a better way to evaluate Tebow.

“I think we see a lot of good quarterbacks in the NFL. They’re not all maybe the best passers but their ability to run and pass and make plays however they make them — designed plays scramble plays whatever it is — makes him a high-level player” the coach said. “I don’t think there’s one specific style you have to have or not have to have but in the end it’s about production and being able to do enough things to be successful.”