For the Charlotte Bobcats, the games end Wednesday night. But the real work is just beginning.

With a 20-61 record entering the season finale against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Bobcats might end up with the NBA’s worst record for a second straight season. Charlotte will have a high draft pick and as much as $21 million in room under the salary cap this summer.

Owner Michael Jordan and the front office face some big decisions between now and the start of training camp in October. Do they bring back the coaching staff? Which of their free agents do they re-sign? Do they cut ties with power forward Tyrus Thomas? Even what should they call themselves going forward?

A look at the biggest issues:

Coach Mike Dunlap: Winning one out of every four games isn’t the ideal NBA coaching debut, but the Bobcats’ record is about what was predicted at the season’s outset.

When Jordan was asked at a season-ticketholder event about Dunlap, the owner said all his major employees’ performances would be reviewed after the season.

To Dunlap’s credit, he’s had an impact in player development, the priority he was given when hired. Kemba Walker, Gerald Henderson and Byron Mullens all improved. But Dunlap has had some rocky moments in his interaction with players, particularly veterans.

Henderson’s future: The most prominent of the Bobcats’ free agents, shooting guard Henderson will be restricted in July. He says he’d like to re-sign here.

The Bobcats only have four players they took in the first round still on the roster, all four are still on the rookie pay scale, so retention of their draft picks has never been strong.

Henderson has been productive (averaging 15.3 points and 3.7 rebounds) and a leader. A co-captain, he’s been a big part of holding that locker room together through two rough seasons.