Lanny McDonald is no longer alone in the club, and he's thrilled to welcome Jarome Iginla into the fraternity.

For nearly 23 years, McDonald had the distinction of being the lone player to score his 500th goal while playing for the Calgary Flames.

Iginla joined McDonald with his third-period tally in Saturday's 3-1 victory over the Minnesota Wild, not only in the exclusive 500-goal club but also having done it while skating for the Flames.

"It's fabulous," McDonald said Sunday morning. "Thank God for two things — he did it at home, and, more importantly, a game-winner in a winning cause.

"It still would have been great but would have taken something off it had it come in a 9-1 loss (in Boston two nights earlier) instead of it being 9-0. It's fitting to a guy who has meant so much — not only to the hockey club but the city, as well."