There was so much talk this year about whether Miami's pure point guards are good enough. But Monday, during the season's most significant 17 minutes, it didn't matter because predictably it was Dwyane Wade and LeBron James who mostly handled the ball and set up shots for themselves and Chris Bosh. And this is how it will be for the Heat when the moments matter most.

Mario Chalmers was on the floor all of that time, defending competently and handling a bit, but often was just a bystander on offense. Chalmers — who has played every fourth-quarter minute in this Celtics series — has had two very good playoff games, shooting a combined 14 for 23 in Game 5 against Philadelphia and Game 3 against Boston. But he was 9 for 32 in the other seven.

Mike Bibby has been dreadful: 24.5 percent shooting (12 for 49), 7 for 31 from three-point range, as many turnovers (nine) as assists. But it hasn't mattered much, with the Heat 7-2 in postseason.

And if you want a big upgrade at point guard this summer, don't count on it. Miami very likely will re-sign Chalmers, who will be a restricted free agent, and there's no realistically-obtainable veteran who would unquestionably supplant him in crunch time.