Al Jefferson didn't sleep Sunday night. How could he? His 82-year-old grandmother, Gladys Jefferson, had just passed away.

Gladys had raised and guided Jefferson, pushing him to be more than just an unknown young child living in small-town Prentiss, Miss. It was nothing but pure, tough love for Jefferson. Without Gladys, he never would've made it. Never traveled from Boston to Minneapolis to Salt Lake City, finding a home in the most unlikely of places. Never, ever have become Big Al.

Which is why Jefferson's game-high 33 points on 14-of-18 shooting Monday during a 105-90 victory against the Detroit Pistons was so perfect. Why his game-high 12 rebounds and team-high 36 minutes and 13 seconds of action felt so right at EnergySolutions Arena before a crowd of 19,393. And why when Jefferson accepted a last-second pass from Devin Harris, then threw up a 25-foot prayer that magically sailed through the net for the first made 3-pointer of his career, the night and the game belonged not to Jefferson or the Jazz, but to Gladys.