Alex Auld claims to know the origin of Kevin Bieksa's nickname 'Juice' but the man with the Gordie Howe hat trick Wednesday night has never owned up to it's authenticity.

Rather, Bieksa insists he'll never tell, which only leads to more fun speculation because people get interested in the small things about a player when he performs the way Bieksa did Wednesday night.

Auld's version is that in his earlier days as a player trying to make it to the NHL, the then tough defenceman developed a voracious appetite for Pineapple juice. You know, massive quantities, two or three litres a day according to his yarn, although that may be a little embellishment on the part of the former Canuck goalie who was also a Bieksa teammate in Manitoba.

Whatever the truth, he's well named because he has certainly provided an enormous boost of energy for this team in the playoffs and he's done it in every area. And as much fun as it is to watch for Bieksa's sake after his recovery from the two bad skate cuts he had earlier in his career when it looks as though he may never regain his best form, it's a double edged sword for Vancouver fans. The better he plays, the more his value is going to rise on the open market and the more difficult he is going to be for the Canucks to re-sign before July 1.

But nobody's worried about that now and rightfully so. The job at hand is to try to finish off the San Jose Sharks and Bieksa did his part scoring the goal that got Vancouver the lead they later stretched to 7-2 at one point when he not only joined the rush from the back, he took advantage of some San Jose confusion to get a breakaway.