Titans safety Bernard Pollard said the NFL told him it made a mistake: his hit on Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker last Sunday shouldn’t have been flagged.

“They said the ref made a bad call,” Pollard said. “It doesn’t helpus on Wednesday.”

During the game, officials said Pollard hit a defenseless receiver. Replay, however, showed the hit appeared to be shoulder-to-shoulder. But the 15-yard penalty kept a drive alive and the Broncos ended up scoring en route to a 51-28 victory.

Pollard, who has been fined $67,500 by the league this season, said players don’t get away with mistakes so easily.

“If we make a bad decision in a competitive game when we don’t mean to, we are fined 50-plus thousand dollars and some guys $200,000 plus a game check plus suspensions,” Pollard said. “But refs are making bad calls and nothing is happening. … And it is messing our group up because we don’t know how to play now, as far as how we hit the receivers. It is tough as a defensive back.”

It’s also been tough year for Pollard in another way. Last season he won a Super Bowl ring with the Ravens. The Titans are 5-8 and all but eliminated from playoff contention.

“We have not laid down, and we are not giving up. We are going to go out there and put on a show,” he said. “… Come out and support, and just come have fun.”

Then he smiled and said, “And if all fails, I’ll take a fine and hit somebody for you.”