The announcement is expected to come today that Bernard King has been elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame, but Knicks coach Mike Woodson believes that the honor is long overdue.

"He should have been in," Woodson said. "Again, I don't knock how they pick them; I don't know how they even go about doing it. He should have been in the Hall a long time ago based on what he's done.

"But I'm happy that he's gotten in, because he deserves to be there without a doubt."

Woodson said he was with the Kansas City Kings the night that King tore up his knee, and that while he was good after, he was unstoppable before that.

"He was great after he came back," Woodson said.

"He made the comeback and he still played great. But before he tore it up he was just unbelievable. Relentless.

"I mean, nobody could stop him from scoring the basketball. He had the will and the knack to put the ball in the hole.

"He was a tough competitor, just hard-nosed, tough, mean, nasty."