The upcoming Draft continues to fluctuate seemingly every week, with prospects capable of playing multiple positions, depending on with whom you speak.

Two weeks ago, I had Croatian forward Dario Saric solidly on my small forward Big Board. But after speaking with other scouts and personnel types who insist Saric is going to be a power forward in the NBA, I'm tempted to include him in this week's rankings. I have the same temptation with N.C. State's C.J. Leslie, Ohio State's Deshaun Thomas and North Texas' Tony Mitchell -- each of whom was listed as a four this week by the majority of teams with which I spoke. (Conversely, Kentucky's Nerlens Noel got tabbed a future NBA center by most, which is why he's not on the Board this week but certainly will be with the centers in two weeks.)

As we've talked about before, the downsizing of the NBA game makes the need to create mismatches a near imperative. Carmelo Anthony, for example, has to play the four for the Knicks to be their most effective offensively because of the major problems foes have matching defenders to him. When defenses have to scramble and double Anthony as a result, that, in turn, creates opportunities for other Knicks behind the 3-point line.

In the end, though, it really doesn't matter. Saric, Leslie, Thomas and Mitchell are going to play both forward positions, depending on who drafts them and those teams' depth charts. So let's leave them be. (Another player I'm leaving alone is Syracuse's C.J. Fair, whom I mistakenly said two weeks ago was entering the Draft. Fair is staying for his senior season at Syracuse. I apologize.)

As you know, in the past, we never included any underclassmen on our Draft boards until they officially declared. But most of the "one-and-done" players and other early entries are almost always well known well before they declare. So now we list those underclassmen that most NBA scouts and personnel people believe will enter the Draft. (We know for sure now that the April 28 deadline for underclassmen to declare has passed.)

We are now up to power forward rankings, after going through point guards (March 25), two guards (April 8) and small forwards (April 22). After today we just have the centers, who will be ranked on Monday, May 20 -- the day before the Lottery. By then, we'll be well into the individual workouts and will have just completed the Chicago pre-Draft combine, which runs from May 15-19. (After Chicago, we will update the Board with official heights and weights, and add player wingspans as measured there. For now, player heights and weights are from their schools or teams.)