Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith was arrested on Thursday and released on Friday in Atlanta after being accused of being in possession of a handgun at Hartsfield International Airport.

According to Atlanta police, Smith was caught Thursday with a .380 pistol as he was preparing to board a flight to Miami. Smith was released on Friday after he was issued a $3,000 bond.

According to multiple parties familiar with the case, Smith, 25, did not have knowledge that there was a handgun in his belongings.

Bengals public relations director Jack Brennan said: "The team is aware of the incident. However it would inappropriate to comment until the matter is resolved through normal legal channels."

Smith's agent, Ben Dogra, told The Enquirer Friday afternoon that they have retained an attorney in the Atlanta area and that they will go through the legal process. Dogra said that both he and Smith are hopeful it will be resolved in a timely manner.