A cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals has sued the football franchise accusing the team of violating federal wage laws.

Alexa Brenneman, in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Cincinnati and aimed at covering all Ben-Gals since 2011, said the cheer squad members put in more than 300 hours a seasonattending mandatory practices and charity events and performing required volunteer work but are paid a flat rate of $90 a game for cheering at 10 games during the 2013 season.

The suit says Brenneman, 24, of Downtown, was paid $2.85 an hour when the Ohio minimum wage in 2013 was $7.85 an hour. The 2013 season was the first season she cheered for the Bengals.

The complaint seeks a judge’s order to stop the Bengals from violating the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Ohio Minimum Fair Wage Standards Act, as well as unpaid wages for cheerleaders, attorney fees and court costs.

U.S. District Judge Michael Barrett, who is assigned to hear the case, first will have to determine whether the lawsuit meets certain criteria to proceed as a class action or collective action under federal labor law. If the suit is certified, all Ben-Gals since the 2011 season can join it, said Todd Naylor, an attorney on a legal team representing Brenneman. Up to 50 cheerleaders could be eligible, he said.

“They do it because they love it and I think we can have a fair debate in this country about what the minimum wage should be. What I don’t think we can have a fair debate about is, if the law is on the books, whether it should be enforced,” Naylor said.