Even while the pop of the catcher’s mitt still reverberates around the ballpark, White Sox left-hander Jose Quintana is holding up his glove and requesting the ball back.

Quintana already is locked in for his next delivery. This happens on every pitch because Quintana is zoned in and distracted by nothing, it seems.

“It’s focus,’’ Quintana said. “Focus on the next pitch like, ‘I got this one. I know what I have for the next one.’ Sometimes, [based on] the hitter’s swing on that pitch, I know what I want to do.’’

Quintana’s sharp focus has served him well this spring. He has been the subject of ongoing trade rumors since the team moved Chris Sale and Adam Eaton, and his availability as part of the Sox rebuild is one of the hottest talking points around the league.

Some were sure he’d be gone by now. Many predicted he’d be gone before pitchers and catchers reported Feb. 14. But Quintana is here and could be here for longer than some might think.