Last year they danced, this year it’s bound to get more serious.

Following the dramatic collapse of Brian Elliott in the two most important games of the season, the Calgary Flames will undoubtedly be looking elsewhere for their next starting goaltender.

And the most logical target will be a man they quietly courted last June: Ben Bishop.

“I thought it was close but I guess it wasn’t that close,” last year’s Vezina Trophy finalist confirmed during the World Cup last fall of a possible move west.

“It wasn’t a case of Calgary and I not coming to terms. It was more of a familiarity thing. We never got down to the nuts and bolts of it. I was kind of not in the loop as I thought we were moving forward and then they went and got Elliott - so it had nothing to do with contracts or anything like that.”

Obviously the interest is there, as is the vacancy in net. Again.

Bishop is the best available and now he’s an unrestricted free agent.

Last summer the Flames were given permission by Tampa Bay GM Steve Yzerman to discuss a possible contract extension for the 6-foot-7 Vezina Trophy finalist with an eye on a possible trade. However, while Bishop was in the midst of calling everyone he knew who played in Calgary as reference checks, he saw news Elliott was traded while watching the draft.