So after reading some of the comments on the other thread, I pulled up some of the Statscube numbers to see how my boy Marco "White Jordan" [Jordan Crawford? -yfbb] Bellinelli does with the starters.

Seeing as to how Deng and Noah are part of both the starters and bench, and if Boozer is on the floor chances are we're playing a bunch of scrubs, I decided to look up the on/off court numbers for Hinrich and Belli.

As many suspected, he does play a lot better with Kurt, scoring 18.6 points per 36 minutes, and shooting 52% in the 12 games they played together. Remember, this includes his shitty start to the season. With Kurt on the bench, his FG% drops to 35%, and his 3PT% goes from 44% to 37% (also notice the significant drops in FG, 3PT and FT attempts).