Of course it is Bill Belichick who throws Tim Tebow a life raft back to the NFL now, the one man and maybe the only man who is capable of fitting a square peg into a round hole. The one man and maybe the only man capable of keeping Tebowmania from turning Robert Kraft’s three-ring franchise into a three-ring circus.

And you just know Belichick, with the help of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who drafted Tebow in the first round in Denver, would love nothing better than to kick the Jets while they’re down should he somehow orchestrate The Resurrection.

And no matter how much forgiveness Tebow has in his heart, you would think the Heisman competitor inside of him would love nothing better than to prove to Rex Ryan and the Jets how wrong they were for wronging him the way they did, for allowing him to rot on the sidelines even when Mark Sanchez butt-fumbled his way to the bench.

It may very well be that Tebow cannot be fixed, that his left arm is meant for passionate sermons instead of throwing footballs. But if he wants a place in the NFL, this is the place, and this is the coach, and if Belichick decides Tebow’s future is not at backup quarterback behind Tom Brady, but as H-back/tight end/fullback/safety/linebacker/kick returner/special teams kamikaze, then he should stop being so stubborn and abandon his NFL quarterback dream and listen to the voice of reason.