There were a few light moments and comical exchanges. Bill Belichick did crack a few smiles during the AFC coaches breakfast at the league meetings. He wasn’t in full regular-season mode.

Dressed in a button-down shirt, shorts and sandals, the Patriots coach occasionally traded barbs with reporters.

But as usual, none of those encounters had to do with business. When it comes to the latter, all the emotion and charm go out the window. When asked about matters specific to his football team, Belichick becomes distant and detached. The information provided barely registers as a sound bite, but that’s not exactly a news flash.

That’s always been the Belichick way. Take it or leave it.

It was just an interesting contrast to what went on the previous day when Pats owner Robert Kraft teed off on Wes Welker’s representatives.

While Kraft couldn’t put a lid on his emotions and control his anger over how the Patriots were being portrayed, Belichick was dry, guarded and not nearly as combative as his boss.

Belichick’s mantra is to do whatever is best for the team. And for him, it’s not in the best interest of the team to give great detail about players, contracts, injuries, strategies, etc.

So when asked about Welker, Belichick didn’t provide much for the quote board. During the 50-minute sitdown with reporters, Belichick was asked about Welker several different ways, and he really didn’t budge.

“There are changes every year on every team,” Belichick said, when asked initially if it will be odd not seeing Welker in the team’s offense.

As a follow-up, the Pats coach was asked if the negotiation was tough. Belichick offered a few more words.

“I think Wes was everything we hoped he would be when we traded for him. He was tough, competitive and very productive,” he said. “I think what Robert (Kraft) said yesterday covered it pretty thoroughly. I don’t have anything to add to that.”