Four weeks ago, Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports reported that Patriots coach Bill Belichick “hates” free-agent quarterback Tim Tebow as a player. Belichick said nothing about it at the time.

Or at any point in the four weeks since the report surfaced.

But now, nearly a month later, the media-reluctant Belichick has taken a shot at the member of the media who made the report, by talking to the media.

“I wouldn’t get into the probability of us pursuing any free agent,” Belichick told Field Yates of “Every single player has strengths and weaknesses but regardless of that, for anyone to have represented that is the way I feel about Tim Tebow is completely untrue, baseless and irresponsible. It is unfortunate that something so inaccurate was reported.”

Yates then goes all in on the notion that Belichick is being truthful and accurate, saying it’s now “clear that Belichick’s feelings toward the player aren’t what many were led to believe they were earlier this offseason.”