The basketball uniform hanging in the small locker room at Allen County War Memorial Coliseum bears Miles Plumlee's name, although he'd prefer it didn't.

Plumlee played on the Duke University team that beat Butler for the 2010 NCAA championship at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. That was college royalty. This is professional reality.

Plumlee might have been a first-round NBA draft pick last year, but the bright future the Indiana Pacers see for him doesn't mesh with the present. He's not ready yet.

"He just needs time and experience," Pacers coach Frank Vogel said. "He needs to play."

The Central Division-leading Pacers can afford to be patient with Plumlee, but with so many veteran players playing at a high level, game minutes are at a premium. Practice time is minimal during the season, so Plumlee is missing instruction time, too.

Welcome to Fort Wayne and the NBA's Development League.