It was a boxscore practically turned upside down. It has been a while since Michael Beasley had been cast in the role of Miami Heat go-to scorer.

But there were the numbers, telling the most unlikely of stories: In the second half of Tuesday's 106-103 loss to the Houston Rockets, Beasley had 20 points, Dwyane Wade had nine, LeBron James had three and Chris Bosh had none. In the fourth quarter, the numbers were: Beasley 13, Wade seven, James zero, Bosh zero.

"Very proud of him, man," James said, as the Heat turned their attention to the second stop of this three-game trip, Thursday's game at the AT&T Center against the San Antonio Spurs, the Heat's first visit there since last season's NBA Finals. "And I told him after the game, 'One heck of a game, man. Just use this as a springboard.'

"And hopefully he can continue to get more trust with Spo and Spo can play him. And nights like this, where guys are feeling the back-to-back, guys are tired, a guy like that, a young guy who can come in, give us a spark like that is huge."

What resonated with coach Erik Spoelstra was this wasn't the Beasley seen during his initial tenure with the Heat, after he was selected with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, forcing shots due to the lack of better options, considering any shot a good shot.