Bears tight end Martellus Bennett often goes by Marty B and he was Marty The Brawler in Friday's chippy practice at Olivet Nazarene University.

The tight end was taking on all comers or at least all defensive backs. Things got rough between Bennett and safeties Major Wright Chris Conte and Craig Steltz even before nickel back Kelvin Hayden tackled Bennett after a completion in a team drill.

Tempers flared immediately and Bennett threw a few punches as teammates quickly joined in. The mini-fracas on the hottest day of practice yet was broken up quickly. Later Bennett and Wright got into it again briefly.

"It's hot you know" Bennett said. "I am actually a mean person. I know you all think I joke around and (stuff) but I am very aggressive. They are aggressive with me I am aggressive with them. You come hard at me I come hard at you all day. I don't back down for anything anyone.

"It's just the way I play. So it started feeling like a game there was tackling so I turned into game mode."

Of course in a game Bennett likely would be ejected for throwing punches. He denied that happened but it was pretty clear he did. There were no hard feelings.

"It gets everybody riled up" Wright said. "Even if you were not having a good day that kind of gets you going. It was a good day. Overall today was a good day other than that little scuffle we got into. But that happens for teams."

Coach Marc Trestman wasn't concerned and said Bennett was a stand-up guy with teammates in the huddle at the end of the practice.