Having his base pay slashed in half doesn't seem to have protected fourth year player J'Marcus Webb as the seventh round pick is released by the team that drafted him today. The Bears gave him a billion chances and yet he squandered all.

Leave it to J'Marcus Webb to let everyone know before the organization does. His final false start as a Bear?

I jest. It's been a tumultuous three seasons for J'Marcus Webb. A seventh round pick with all of the physical tools but absolutely none of the polish he was thrust into the position of starting for a team that lacked depth at any given position across the offensive line.

Oft-maligned by the fanbase a multitude of false starts mental mistakes and what appeared to be a lack of focus on plays often led to his quarterback getting creamed and plays falling apart. Couple that with the arrest problems he had downstate early in the offseason and it's a wonder he made it to training camp even. However that shows the state of the Chicago Bears offensive line.