The Chicago Bears are increasing the price of season tickets for 2014 by an average of 4.1 percent, the team announced Wednesday.

The team has increased season-ticket prices in some form every year except one since 2003. Their average ticket price of $103.60 was the fifth-most expensive in the NFL in 2013, according to Team Marketing Report, a sports marketing publishing company.

"We've tried to make sure that in every section of the building we're delivering the best fan experience possible," Bears president and CEO Ted Phillips told the Bears' official website. "But given that we have the smallest capacity building in the NFL, it's pretty much a given that every year there's going to be some type of ticket price increase."

Soldier Field's capacity of 61,500 is the second-smallest among NFL stadiums. The Oakland Raiders reduced capacity of Coliseum last season to approximately 53,200 to help avoid blackouts.

Half of the seats at Soldier Field will cost an additional $2 in 2014, the Bears announced. Others will increase up to $12 per ticket.