The NFL may be a business at its core but former quarterback Rich Gannon, invited to Halas Hall by Marc Trestman to visit with Bears quarterbacks last week, suggests that getting to know the new coach on a personal level should be part of learning more than just Trestman’s offense.

“I was fortunate,” Gannon said. “I worked with Marc a couple of different times. I worked with him early in my career in Minnesota and I had a chance to work with him again at a point in my career, where I was really having the most success.

“The big thing that I would encourage the quarterbacks is just get to know Marc on a personal level, on a professional level. Know why he’s calling plays in certain situations and the fact he’s going to put you in position to be very successful each week.”

Hester watch

Devin Hester may be voted into the Hall of Fame someday as arguably the most dominant returner in NFL history. But right now he is working to hold onto that job with a new Bears coaching staff.

Trestman said as much earlier this offseason and observing the rotations during minicamp, with Earl Bennett among others fielding kicks. Trestman again used the word “competing” to describe Hester’s situation as the Bears’ primary returner.