Brandon Marshall’s revelation Wednesday that he almost “pulled a Dez Bryant” in the closing minutes of the team’s overtime loss on Dec. 1 at Minnesota should serve as a reminder of just how low the Chicago Bears had fallen at that point, compared to where they are now: in control of their own postseason destiny.

When stadium officials opened the doors to that locker room in the aftermath of that 23-20 loss in overtime, Marshall snuck away to a stool to be all by himself as the rest of his teammates lamented what might have been had the club taken advantage of the opportunity before them. As Marshall stared into space, likely a million things crossed his mind before general manager Phil Emery came over and whispered into his ear. At that precise moment, it appeared Marshall was either on the verge of breaking down in tears or just flat out going off.

That is, until Emery told him: “We’ve still got a chance.”

Judging from the demeanor in that defeated locker room that afternoon, perhaps none of the Bears truly believed that.

“It hurts,” left tackle Jermon Bushrod said that day. “We needed it. We needed it. We needed it to stay tied for first. Now we need a lot more help and we need to win out. We needed to win out, anyway. But we just needed this game.”