I used ProFootballFocus.com in my "Bears free agency targets" series because they use sabermetric-type numbers to go beyond the stats and really grade out football players.

i find their analysis to be helpful, as well as insightful. So when they did their "2013 Team Needs" series, I thought I'd see who they thought would be a good target for the Bears.

For PFF writer Michael Renner, he sees the three target areas for the Bears in free agency as offensive line, linebacker and tight end. That is sort of a no-brainer, but he expanded on why each was such a need. Here is what he had to say about the Bears' offensive line:

The most solid all-around starter on the line was, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, J’Marcus Webb. Everyone else is a candidate for replacement. Lance Louis and Roberto Garza couldn’t run block, whereas Gabe Carimi couldn’t pass block, and Chilo Rachal, Chris Spencer, Jonathan Scott, and James Brown were all dreadful in limited time.

As the season wore on, a lot of fans really came around to Webb not being as bad as they thought. Perhaps it was just the rest of the offensive line sucking, but Webb did improve. A lot of fans saw Lance Louis as the best offensive lineman but PFF did not see it that way. They rated him out at a -1.8 overall. However, he is probably the best pass-blocker on the line and warrants a contract offer but I was surprised to see PFF down on him in run-blocking.