Bears linebacker Lance Briggs is just one of many of the team's key players who have sustained injuries recently.

Briggs offered an update on "The Lance Briggs Show" regarding his current status.

“The way injuries go, the doctors said I’m supposed to be out 4-6 weeks,” Briggs said. “I feel more like I’ll be out 2-3 (weeks). We’ll meet somewhere in the middle.”

Also, the All-Pro linebacker explained what exactly happened during the game after being injured in the third quarter vs. Washington.

“I think the roughest part for me was when I went down and the guy was laying on me and my arm was separated," Briggs said. "When I stood up I kind of knew something was wrong. I tried to get it taped up and come back out, but right before I was trying to come back on the field, I couldn’t put my helmet on. If I can’t put my helmet on, I don’t need to be out on the field.”