Bradley Beal walks just fine even though his season is over because of a stress injury to his right fibula, and the rookie shooting guard wasn't in too much pain to talk Friday.

Looking back, should he have tried to play through injuries to both ankles?

"Should I have?" Beal said rhetorically. "No. But I was going to play regardless because I'm a hard-headed kid. That's just how I am. I'm always competitive. I always want to play."

Beal's season ended Tuesday in an 90-86 win vs. the Chicago Bulls, when he fell hard to the floor and hurt his leg. He had just returned from a left ankle sprain that forced him to miss 11 games. Before that injury, he had a high right ankle sprain that he played through that didn't force him to miss action.

"I was glad that it was nothing too serious but I'm still upset by the fact that I can't play. ... I had a feeling it really wasn't my ankle. It ended up being my fibula, but I'm glad its a stress reaction rather than a fracture or possibly broken.

"It's nothing too painful. I can walk around, as long as I'm not running or jumping."

The injury won’t require surgery and he can return in about six weeks to basketball activities. Immediately after the Bulls game, Beal knew he'd be on the shelf for the rest of the season even though he hadn't gotten an MRI.

"I think I knew because it's been heckling me all year," he said. "That was the worst it ever felt honestly, and there was no point in me continuing to pound it and pound it and making it worse."