We've done this thing so many times, it's almost a template. Player X wants a contract. Find all players of the same age as Player X, and what they signed for. Take Player X's last three-years numbers and try to find a true talent. Age that true talent over the life of the contract. Compare to the comps. Done.

Hey, it worked for David Wright and got us within a couple million bucks of the final figure, so why not do it with R.A. Dickey?

Highly-paid 39-year-old pitchers are rare, but you do have Kevin Brown, Derek Lowe and Randy Johnson, who all made $15 million or more in present value dollars at that age. Take Dickey's last three Wins Above Replacement totals and give them your standard five-three-two weighting, and you get a true talent around 3.6 wins. Age that -- with the penalty for a player over the age of 37 -- and you get $43.5 million using $5 million per win.

Already, it doesn't make any sense that $25 million for three years should be the end of negotiations. Even if you don't believe in his Cy Young work and treat him as a true-talent two-win pitcher next season, he should be worth more than $25 million once the television money inflates the price per win in 2014 ($20 million without inflation). Really, given his comps and probable true talent, $15 million per year wouldn't be a stretch right now.