Jose Bautista was eligible to come off the disabled list Wednesday.

The Blue Jays slugger, however, is not returning to the lineup any time soon. With his left wrist bandaged tight, Bautista is still taking baby steps in the recovery process.

Bautista had a day off from rehab on Tuesday but Wednesday he was going to get back into the swing of things with more dry swings, soft toss and hitting off a tee.

Manager John Farrell said that the right fielder may also take "some b.p. in the cage" but that was news to Bautista. How far away does he think he is?

"A long ways," Bautista said. "It feels definitely much better but obviously with that type of injury in that area of a baseball player's body and needing to handle a bat and swing it at high speeds with some weight on the bat, it's something that I don't feel comfortable with going right now and saying I'm able to play.