Aaron Hill is back.

Ditto for Jose Bautista.

Adam Lind?

Well, what does the Meatloaf song say -- Two Out of Three Ain't Bad.

While the top two mentioned players were back in the Blue Jays lineup Sunday from various ailments -- a hamstring issue that put Hill on the DL, a stiff neck that placed Bautista on the shelf for the past five games -- Lind was on the pine because of lower back pain.

It has been a recurring theme, more of a nightmare really for manager John Farrell as it seems that a day can't go by this season without one of his key cogs being on the sidelines or on the limp.

In fact, of the 34 games the Jays have played to date, they have had all of 13 where Hill, Bautista and Lind were in the lineup together.

In the bounce back Sunday against the Tigers and Saturday's no-hit effort from Justin Verlander,

Bautista picked up the baton from the aching Lind as he hammered a two-run home run in his second at-bat of the game in the third inning.

You'd think the homer would have lifted the Jays after the whipping administered by Verlander. But you'd be wrong.