Second base is viewed as one of the few competitive areas on a Blue Jays team that seems all but set even before a pitch is thrown in anger, but there is a growing sense that the team could go all the way through spring training and into the season without making a definitive selection.

The two candidates are Maicer Izturis, who was Alex Anthopoulos’ first signing this off-season, signed even before the massive transaction with the Marlins that brought the other candidate — Emilio Bonifacio — into the fold.

For starters, barring injury, neither Bonifacio nor Izturis is in any danger of not being on the 25-man roster, whatever the Grapefruit League games bring in terms of resolution at second base. And both players have attractive qualities that will buy them playing time, if not at second base, then someplace else around the diamond.

“One guy might not win the job,” manager John Gibbons said Monday. “I mean, they’re both going to be on the team.

“It might be one of those things where if we feel we need a little shot in the arm offensively, then we put Bonifacio in there. Then again, if it’s consistent defence that’s important, Izturis might be our choice. I don’t think anyone is going to base it off of numbers.

“It’s probably going to come down to a feel thing. What does your gut tell you? And when it comes right down to it, we might not come out and say ‘Hey, this is our guy.’ Maybe they’ll split it and we’ll just base it on matchups or what we need on a given night.”