The only head coach in Nashville Predators history so far will not be back next season.

Barry Trotz will not return for a 16th season with the team, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Trotz has been with the Predators since the franchise's first game in 1998, hired by general manager David Poile to steward a rag-tag group of players plucked in the expansion draft mixed with younger prospects.

He evolved into much more, becoming one of the most respected coaches in the NHL, thanks to his ability to deal with the difficult issues that come with being an expansion team in a non-traditional hockey market.

Trotz finishes his Predators career with 557 wins and 479 losses.

Whether the Predators had injury-plagued seasons or lost key players because the franchise couldn't or wouldn't pay up to re-sign them at premium dollar, Trotz kept them competitive, making the playoffs during a stretch of seven of eight seasons from 2003-04 through 2011-12. He was lauded for his ability to do more with less.