Andrea Bargnani is living on borrowed time in Toronto, the victim of circumstance and complete ignorance.

For those inclined to boo this stretch four, relish Sunday’s moment when the New Orleans Hornets pay their first and only visit to Hogtown.

Following Sunday’s tip, the Raptors next play at home on Tuesday against Denver.

With the all-star break approaching, the Raptors won’t be home until Feb. 20, a day before the NBA’s trade deadline.

For all his deficiencies, and there are many, Bargnani remains a very intriguing player, a rare asset that no longer fits into the Raptors’ long-range plans.

When all gets said and done, Bargnani’s tenure in Toronto will be remembered as one big if.

If he hadn’t been selected with the first overall pick in Bryan Colangelo’s first full season, the expectations wouldn’t have been as high.

If Bargnani had been able to develop in a culture already established, there’s no way he’d be hearing his name bandied about in trade rumours.

No coach is going to turn Bargnani into the second coming of Moses Malone, but no one can teach the type of perimeter skills he possesses.