Andrea Bargnani didn't really mind the added down time.

He was just coming off two intense months with the Italian national team and while the results weren't necessarily what the country had hoped, it provided Bargnani with a place to play and get better.

Once the Eurobasket championship was over (the tournament didn't finish until Sept. 18, although the Italians were done after the round robin) instead of preparing to head back to North America for the NBA season Bargnani had some time on his hands.

Not knowing how long the lockout would last or whether there would be a season at all, it was imperative that Bargnani stay in shape so he made it his business to be on a basketball court every day.

It was finding a court in Rome that got on the Raptors' power forward's nerves.

"We had to find the right situation," Bargnani said. "You don't want 100 people showing up and watching every work out. I started on the court that I grew up playing at (the crowds found him) and then another court and another. The bad part was the driving in Rome is tough. It took me an hour and a half just to get to practice and then another hour and a half to get back."