OK, so the news of a player of Mike Flacco's caliber being traded wouldn't normally be news at all. But because of his last name and his famous, super rich brother Joe, I decided to write about it.

Mike Flacco was drafted by the Orioles in the 31st round of the 2009 amateur draft, back when Joe Flacco was just the new quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens. It was cute that he was drafted and we all go to imagine a scenario where Baltimore had two teams with star Flaccos leading their respective teams to victory. But the truth is that Mike Flacco is not much of a prospect. And by not much, I mean not at all.

Since Mike Flacco was drafted in 2009 he has floundered in the minors as his big brother helped lead the Ravens to the playoffs every year and finally to a Super Bowl victory this past January. Mike Flacco was 25 years old this year and spent the season at A+ Frederick where he couldn't even get on base 30% of the time. If not for his famous last name, none of us would probably know who he is. And today he was traded to the Boston Red Sox for cash considerations, which means that he wasn't even worth another player.