Reds manager Dusty Baker said he's happy to hear the Cubs are trying to renovate Wrigley Field, and wished they had done it while he was in Chicago.

"It's like an older home that has a one-car garage and a half-bath," Baker said. "You need more room. They need a weight room. They talked about it when I was there. But it was something about some property that was owned by the railroad.

"I know everybody was excited about that, because if a guy gets hurt, they have to go to Northwestern. You can't do it on the premises. Or if you need a cold plunge, or whatever you need. These things add up to not keeping your players on the field.

"And early in the year you have to be aware of that. (The Cubs) are lucky there weren't any pulled muscles or strained shoulders. ... (Baseball) is not designed to be cold and wet and windy."

Losing product: Cubs pitching ranked sixth in the National League on Monday, but manager Dale Sveum said he is concerned about their control issues.

"We're right there at the tops of baseball in walks and hit batters," he said. "It's a losing (proposition) when you walk more than everybody else."

The Cubs entered Monday tied for first in the league in most hit batters, and sixth in walks allowed. Though Sveum is used to watching the Cubs lose, he said this is tougher than 2012.

"You can tell it's gnawing on me a little more than last year, because even though we lost last year, we didn't play this bad of baseball," he said. "We were losing because maybe at the beginning (it was) bullpen stuff or just bad pitching or not throwing strikes.