So was it when Johnny Cueto’s back pretzeled him after six pitches in Game 1? Was it when Scott Rolen mangled Joaquin Arias’ slow roller in Game 3? Or the 0-1 pitch from Mike Leake to Angel Pagan, or the 0-1 pitch to Gregor Blanco, or the 1-0 pitch to Angel Pagan in Game 4? Or Mat Latos dissembling pitch by pitch leading up to Buster Posey’s soul-crushing grand slam in Game 5?

When, specifically, did the Cincinnati Reds propel the San Francisco Giants to their second World Series in three years?

General manager Walt Jocketty is sure that the tide was turned when the Reds didn’t win Game 3 despite a great pitching performance from Homer Bailey. Manager Dusty Baker isn’t sure, but he suspects the Reds wouldn’t have gone much further without Cueto.