Jon Lester was taking a step in the right direction last night until he literally took one in the wrong one. Lester was well into his best start in over a month against the Blue Jays when he slipped on his follow-through while throwing a ball to Emilio Bonifacio in the eighth. He felt a stinger in his hip and immediately left the game with a slight limp, though he said afterward he planned on making his next start.
“I slipped a little bit,” Lester said. “I guess the doctors are calling it a jammed hip, kind of a zinging sensation down my leg. It’s something I’ve had before in years past on particular nights where you slip or overstride. This was a little different. Obviously in the part of the game that we were in, there was no real point to mess around with it at that juncture of the game.”
While it’s too soon to make any declarations about Lester’s immediate future and his availability next week, what we can do is examine the Lester who took the mound last night looking like a different pitcher than the one who had prevailed just once in seven starts dating back to May 20.