To say the market for quarterbacks in 2013 is thin would be a laughable understatement. The draft provides a list of highly questionable talent, even at the top, while the current free agent class is cringe-worthy at best. Judging from the underwhelming crop of talent available, the New Orleans Saints are going to have a tough time selecting a suitable backup for Drew Brees at quarterback this offseason.

Although the Saints have the envied position of fielding a future Hall of Fame quarterback, someone has to back him up. Chase Daniel has done a solid job in the role since being acquired in free agency in 2009. By solid job I mean Daniel has looked productive at quarterback in preseason games, and has been a reliable placeholder for Garrett Hartley on field goals and extra points.

On the field, Daniel was never asked to do much and he saw very little action. He just had to rock that backwards cap and celebrate touchdowns with Drew. Even with very few signs that Daniel could lead the Saints in action when it counted, Who Dat Nation always felt comfortable having him around. His size, attitude, and work ethic gave him a bit of a "Drew Brees in training" vibe. Whether it was actually true we'll never really know.

Now the Saints have the unenviable task of replacing the man who could've stuck around to replace the legend. I don't think Chase was ever the guy for the replacing Brees job, he would've been a bit old for the role by the time that came around and who knows if he would've been truly ready for it. Many quarterbacks have withered under the pressure of replacing legends like Marino, Aikman, and Elway. I, like many, will be rooting for Chase to succeed in Kansas City and hope he takes with him lessons learned from Drew.