There are many interesting nuggets of information in Charles Robinson's excellent piece about the downfall of Chip Kelly over at Yahoo! Sports, but one really stands out: Kelly could have taken some time to regroup from his Philadelphia ouster by hanging with Bill Belichick and declined.

Robinson wrote on Tuesday about how Kelly ended up being run out of town with the 49ers, and the whole story is worth a read. But the part about Kelly turning down opportunities to spend time with other franchises really stood out -- as Robinson notes, Kelly was bitter and felt burned by his experience with the Eagles.

He wanted another shot as a head coach "quickly" to shrug off the negative attention from his departure in Philadelphia.

Kelly wanted to get back on his feet quickly and right his career. Second, the 49ers materialized as the most concrete (and only) NFL head coaching opportunity available. While friends reached out to Kelly and invited him to spend some time with their organizations as he regrouped (including the New England Patriots' Bill Belichick), York was the only one who immediately expressed interest in snapping up Kelly.