Time will tell if Patrick Roy’s brother jumped the gun a little — or a lot, like all the way over — on his proclamation to me on the phone and on his own Facebook page that Patrick will be the next coach of the Avalanche.

The Avs this morning are saying there is no deal in place. That’s about all they’re saying so far. So, we wait and see what happens. As my story last night said, the Avs would not confirm Stephane Roy’s assertion and that remains the case.

My belief: the Avs and Roy are in negotiations on a possible deal. But until a deal is done, it’s not. This still may not happen at all. We just have to wait. Roy wanted a lot of money in 2009 to be the coach – my reporting said he wanted a four-year deal at $3 million per, while the Avs offered four years at $1.75 million per.

I can’t imagine Roy asking for any less than that now. And for an NHL coach, that’s a LOT of money. So, it’s possible money – as it often does – could derail this thing. We shall see.