If you want to go simply by the numbers on the far right of the stat sheet, Stephen Curry came into last night’s game averaging 21.9 points for the Warriors, and he went for 25 against the Celtics.
But his body language was telling a different story. Slumped back against the wall of his dressing area and still in uniform well after the game had ended, he looked very much the guy who had been hounded into 6-for-22 shooting and a 94-86 loss.
Avery Bradley had played a little more than half Curry’s 42 minutes, but it seemed like he was still guarding the Golden State shootist after the clubs left the parquet floor.

“He’s tough,” said Curry, a marked man after scoring 38 in Indiana on Tuesday and 54 the next night in New York. “That’s how he helps his team, just being able to pick up 94 feet. You prepare for it, but in the game when you’re trying to stay fresh and get the ball down the floor, he does try to take you out of your rhythm a little bit.”
Curry pointed to Bradley’s defensive consistency as different from others.
“That’s the thing,” he said. “He knows how he can help his team. Obviously he has an offensive game, but how many point guards will pick up that much and try to stay in you the whole game?”
The Celtics threw a lot at Curry, even going to a zone after Bradley sat early in the third quarter with five fouls. By then, the Green dye had been cast.
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