Inside the bullpen during low-pressure pre-game sessions Austin Romine can sense his disorientation. He says he feels “off” a designation he knows is vague. But he does not feel foggy or dizzy or hazy or any of the other more alarming descriptors for a man recovering from a concussion. He says he just knows his body is not reacting properly and he is not ready to return to games.

He has not played in 10 days but he’s been cleared to work with pitchers before the games. His disrupted equilibrium balance and depth perception are apparent here he said. These qualities are paramount for a catcher. In his current state he believes he would only hurt his team on the field.

“I think (the ball is) going to be one place and it’s another place” Romine said before sitting out again on Thursday. “Or I’ll do something I’m always used to doing –and I won’t catch it. I know my body. I know what I can do. So when I do stuff I’m not used to doing I’m like ‘What the heck?’ I don’t want that to happen in a game.”

Romine took a foul tip off his mask on Sept. 10. He was diagnosed with what manager Joe Girardi termed a “slight concussion.” He resumed baseball activity earlier this week. He has taken batting practice and conducted blocking drills in addition to catching bullpens.

His unease is not limited to workouts. The symptoms the ambiguous feeling of being “off” follows him around during the day.

“There’s times when I feel fine” he said. “And there’s times when I’m like ‘Whoa.’”

On Tuesday after being told Romine felt good after afternoon workouts Girardi penciled Romine into the lineup. Romine had to explain that he still wasn’t ready for action.

“I’m dying to be out there” Romine said. “I just don’t want to mess it up for this team. I’m not going to go on the field until I’m 100 percent.”