Talking with Steve Holman after the game he told me he felt that was the worst Hawks performance of the season (including the 58 point game) because of the lack of heart and guts they showed. That pretty much says it all about the Hawks' performance against Chicago on Saturday.

The Hawks have been dominated 190-134 in their past two games against Chicago after beating them 92-75 in their first meeting. Saturday night, the Hawks were unable to get anything to work in their favor, especially in the second half. Nate Robinson (20 points, eight rebounds, three steals), Luol Deng (25 points, 14 rebounds, four steals, two blocks), Jimmy Butler (16 points, 10 rebounds), and Taj Gibson (19 points, 19 boards, three blocks) were all dominant and beat the Hawks at their game by playing with pace and moving the ball. The Bulls had 26 assists on 38 shots, out-rebounded Atlanta 53-45 (18-12 OR), and forced 14 turnovers for 15 points. Larry Drew summed up the night in his opening statement.