You all probably know about the strange coincidence that was happening (I contend still is) in Atlanta. Since a Waffle House opened up at Turner Field the Atlanta Braves (up until last night) had gone undefeated winning 14 straight games. Now yes the Braves did lose last night finally by a mere 1-0 score but I’ll get into that in a moment.

Coincidence you say? Is it really a coincidence? Is it possible that in this age of PEDS the Waffle House crew have cooked up some strange brew they add to their delicious hash browns and then deliver to the Braves’ locker room pre-game? When they are on the road are the Braves taking high-tech heated doggie bags full of golden buttery PEDs filled hash browns with them? No! No! The Braves don’t have any players that use PEDs! I agree but unless those wonderful hash dishes are filled with something other than potatoes salt and butter how else you fixin’ to explain the connection?

I heard a rumor and mind you it’s only a rumor. I heard that last night some member of the Marlins’ organization may have waylaid the WH crew as they were taking their hash browns down to the Braves’ locker room. I don’t know perhaps they were hit over the head with a large loaf of bread or a sea bass. I don’t know if that’s actually true but it seems that at least last night our beloved Braves for whatever reason didn’t get their usual helpings of (PED brew filled or not disclaimer) hash browns. Why else would they have lost? There IS clearly a connection between the hash browns and the wins!