So you want to go see an Atlanta Braves Spring Training game at Disney's Wide World of Sports? Seeing a game there is quite fun, but the real fun and experience of Spring Training is all the other stuff that the complex has to offer. If you're not already a full-on Braves junkie, you will be after a trip to the Braves Spring complex using these tips.

Seeing a game at the WWOS is pretty straight forward, it's like any other modern Spring Training stadium -- small and intimate, but still a rather predictable experience. The ticket buying process is similar to the regular season, you can purchase on-line or at the box office. Many of the spring games actually sell out, especially when they play other popular teams like the Cardinals or Yankees, so if those teams are in town, make sure you buy tickets ahead of time.

But just "seeing" a game is not really the full Spring Training experience. Hidden behind the outfield, beyond the knowledge of most fans, is an intimacy with the game of baseball that many fans rarely get.